Cantera Psychiatry Brings Ketamine Treatment to San Antonio, Texas

Ketamine is a cutting edge treatment for Major Depression, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, OCD, Bipolar disorder.  The research for use of ketamine in depression starts off at Yale, in 2000. In depression, it’s hard to enjoy the activities and relationships that make you smile.  Ketamine, an anesthetic, is infused at a very small dose over 45 minutes intravenously, three times a week, for two weeks, then on an as-needed basis.  Ketamine works with a part of the brain involved in feeling happy or satisfied when you do something you enjoy. Ketamine acts on the lateral habenula (area of the brain) to smooth out the nerve impulses, which allows you to enjoy things again, which treats depression. The doses of ketamine used for depression treatment are a fraction of what is used for anesthesia. You retain consciousness the entire time, but you will need a friend or loved one to drive you home. Treatments are 75% effective for treatment-resistant depression.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Ketamine Treatment Over Traditional Psychiatric Medications

Cantera Psychiatry wants our patients to have the facts which is why we regularly populate our blog with helpful articles. If you are a candidate for ketamine, there are many reasons to consider the treatment over traditional psychiatric treatments:

Pros of Ketamine Treatment

  • Feel a difference immediately, often during the first session
  • More effective than psychotropic medications (80% response in ketamine, versus 60% 1st psychotropic, 30% 2nd psyhotropic, and so on)
  • No weight gain
  • Minimal side effects
  • No on-going medication costs
  • Payments for infusions can be made session by session so there’s no long-term commitment


Cons of Ketamine Treatment

  • Ketamine treatment can be more expensive than some traditional medications
  • Ketamine is currently an off-label treatment
  • Not currently covered by insurance

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