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Cantera Psychiatry Brings Spravato Treatment to San Antonio, Texas

Spravato is a safe and effective intranasal form of ketamine, approved by the FDA to treat treatment resistant depression and major depressive disorder with suicidal thoughts or actions. Spravato, when combined with oral antidepressants, is more effective in treating depression than treatment with oral antidepressants alone. This means Spravato is a good option for you if you have tried several oral anti-depressants that do not seem to work. Spravato not only treats depressive symptoms, but also helps to keep them from recurring. Spravato nasal spray is administered in sessions twice a week for at least four weeks. Each session is roughly two hours, allowing for time to monitor and record blood pressure readings. Spravato is covered by most health insurances. Please call and make an appointment if you would like to discuss Spravato as a treatment option for you.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Spravato Treatment Over Traditional Psychiatric Medications

We are a REMS-certified facility for the administration of spravato. We administer spravato in a private, safe, physician-monitored environment.

Pros of Spravato Esketamine Treatment


  • Feel a difference immediately, often during the first session
  • Spravato is covered by most insurance providers
  • More effective than psychotropic medications (80% response in ketamine, versus 60% 1st psychotropic, 30% 2nd psyhotropic, and so on)
  • No weight gain
  • Minimal side effects
  • No on-going medication costs
  • Payments for infusions can be made session by session so there’s no long-term commitment

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